What I Do

I help people get unstuck.

We all get stuck in big and small ways, and often we don't even notice that it's happening. Even if life is going really well, one of the keys to a happy life is growth and forward movement. Coaching can provide the space to do just that.

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Private Life Coaching

Life coaching is a great way for individuals to make rapid forward movement in their lives. This is one-on-one work that focuses on the goals that YOU have along with tools and accountability to get you there.

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Coaching Parents of Teens

After nearly 23 years teaching junior high and high school students, I've seen first-hand than challenges parents face raising teenagers. And it's more challenging than ever. Coaching can assist the challenges of single-parenting, step-parenting, and cultivating a healthy family environment.

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Public Speaking

I speak on a variety of topics from time management, cultivating positive habits, goal-setting, personal productivity, performance anxiety, and building healthy relationships.

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What if you took the first step today?

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